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Are Stoneware Dinner Microwave Safe?

08 Jun 2024


  1. Stoneware Tableware and Microwave Compatibility
  2. The Working Mechanism Of Microwave
  3. Why Stoneware Tableware Is Microwave Safe?
  4. Exceptions to the Microwave-Safe Rule
  5. Conclusion

Before heating any dinnerware in the microwave, it is imperative to confirm whether that dish is microwave-safe or not. The same questions must be asked while putting stoneware dinnerware in the microwave. Since people frequently use stoneware dinnerware in the microwave for multiple purposes, it is important to know the microwave compatibility of stoneware dinnerware.

Stoneware dinnerware that usually comes with microwave-safe labels is safe to put in the microwave. However, with the passage of time and continuous wear and tear, it is possible that your dinnerware will become less microwave-safe. Moreover, sometimes stoneware dinnerware, even with the microwave-safe label, may not perform well in the microwave. Stoneware dinnerware and microwaves have been used for many years, forming an irreplaceable bond. In addition, to remain safe while using stoneware in the microwave, there are some crucial things that you must keep in mind to have a safe cooking and serving experience. Check out our guide on what mistakes you should avoid when buying dinnerware.

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Stoneware Tableware and Microwave Compatibility

Stoneware is a common type of ceramic that is fired in a kiln at a temperature exceeding 2000 degrees Fahrenheit to form a durable material. The durability, heat resistance, and versatility of stoneware make it a popular choice for cooking, baking, serving, and even as a decorative item. A typical stoneware ceramic has a porosity of 1 to 2% and sometimes lower. This indicates that it absorbs less water if it becomes wetter than earthenware clay. This point is more understandable when we compare the compatibility of stoneware tableware with microwave safety.

The Working Mechanism Of Microwave

A microwave oven produces electromagnetic waves. Food absorbs these microwaves (or small waves) when they bounce around the inside of the oven cavity. When waves hit food, they cause the water molecules to vibrate. Cooking takes place as a result of vibrating water, which creates heat. When you cook your food in a container that has absorbed a lot of moisture, the container will also get hot.

Consequently, very porous ceramics will become hot if they absorb water from the dishwasher or the food and drinks contained inside. After the food has been cooked, lifting the microwave container from the oven can be uncomfortable as it gets hot quickly. In addition, absorbed water can become hot, putting the ceramic dish under stress. As the temperature of the water rises, it expands, putting internal pressure on the dish. Repeatedly doing this can cause cracks in the pottery and weaken its strength.

However, that is not the case with stoneware dinnerware, as stoneware has low porosity and can also be considered non-porous. That means stoneware does not encounter the problem of water molecules heating up and is compatible with microwave use.

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Why Stoneware Tableware Is Microwave Safe?

There are the following qualities that make stoneware dinnerware microwave-safe:

High-Temperature Resistance

As explained earlier stoneware dinnerware is formed using the high temperatures making them resistant to high temperatures. In other words, stoneware dinnerware can resist thermal shock and can easily withstand high temperatures in the microwave. Due to high-temperature resistance, stoneware dishes can withstand the high temperature of a microwave oven without breaking and forming cracks making it a microwave-safe dinnerware.

Low Water Absorption

Stoneware is composed of non-porous material and has low water absorption properties. Due to low water absorption, stoneware does not absorb water and does not crack or break when placed at high-temperature in a microwave oven.

Even heating

The dense composition of stoneware dinnerware allows it to transfer the heat properly and equally. Even heating is very important in cooking food in the microwave. Even heating means your food will not get burned and there will be less chance of uneven cooking resulting in forming a perfectly cooked meal.


Since stoneware does not consist of any metal particles or decoration in their composition that means there is no possibility of sparking and arcing in the microwave. Furthermore, being metal-free means there is no risk of electric charge associated with the stoneware and your microwave is also safe from fire hazards and other damages.

Exceptions to the Microwave-Safe Rule

Metal Decoration

Metal decoration on dishes, bowls, plates, and other stoneware dinnerware looks fascinating and attractive. However, this metal decoration including gold or silver trim can make the stoneware dinnerware less microwave safe. As explained earlier metal decoration can cause a spark in the microwave and can even cause fire making it unsafe to use in the microwave. If you are curious about how to display and organize dishes and utensils, then follow the given link.

Special glazes

Some stoneware dinnerware can cause chemical leaching due to being coated with special glazing. This type of glazing usually consists of harmful chemicals including lead and cadmium, which react with your food when placed in the microwave. These harmful chemicals can seriously affect your health.

Cracks or Damage

Stoneware has good heat resistance, but with continued use and wear for years, it may get damaged or have small cracks. These cracks can cause the breakdown of your stoneware dinnerware due to uneven heat distribution and forming internal pressure. Even the small cracks do not break your dinnerware, but they still can harm you by retaining the small food particles and bacteria that get mixed with your food.

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Ceramics containing recycled material

Stoneware has amazing durability and heat resistance thanks to its uniform and dense composition. However, some stoneware dinnerware contain recycled material and have inconsistent composition that can react unpredictably in the microwave making them less stoneware dinnerware microwave safe. Furthermore, these recycled materials can cause uneven heating resulting in the cracking of dinnerware.

Not specifically designed

Some stoneware dinnerware are not labeled as microwave safe which means they have not been tested to withstand the high temperature of the microwave oven. That means these stoneware dinnerware are not specifically designed to be placed in the microwave.

The Dangers of Microwaving Unsuitable Tableware

Microwave heat the food and dinnerware at a very high temperature, which means it can cause certain damage to unsuitable tableware if placed in the microwave. Unsuitable stoneware dinnerware can get cracked or even break when heated unevenly. Even if they do not break during the cooking process, there is a chance that they cook their food unevenly and can burn it at various spots. Moreover, the chemical leaching from this unsuitable tableware can contaminate your food and cause serious health damage. In addition, you also put your microwave in dangerous condition as this unsuitable tableware can cause fire hazards in your microwave.

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Stoneware dinnerware is microwave-safe and can be used for multiple purposes, including baking, cooking, serving, and others. However, you need to be careful before buying microwave-safe dinnerware, as low-quality dinnerware does not last long and can get damaged due to continuous exposure to the microwave. In addition to that, remember that microwave-safe dinnerware comes with a microwave-safe label, which means you can put that stoneware in the microwave. In short, stoneware dinnerware is highly compatible with others and can be used together for cooking and baking multiple dishes. However, you are also required to follow certain tips and instructions to extend the durability of our microwave-safe dinnerware. By following these instructions, you can rest assured about the durability of your microwave-safe dinnerware and can keep it in your kitchen for a long period.

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