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What Is the Difference between a Soup Plate and a Soup Bowl

28 Jun 2024


  1. Difference between soup bowls and soup plates
  2. Features of a soup plate and a soup bowl
  3. Choose between a soup plate and a soup bowl
  4. Choosing based on the type of soup you're serving

Soup can be served in both soup plates and soup bowls, and the choice between them depends upon different factors, including the type of soup you serve, the thickness of the soup, the size of the plates, and the presentation you want to display for your guest.

However, before choosing between soup bowls and soup plates, you need to clearly understand the difference between them. In this article, we are briefly going to discuss the difference between soup bowls and soup plates and the types of soups that are served in them. So, without further delay, let's get into it!

Difference between soup bowls and soup plates

Soup plates

Soup plates with wider rims are specifically differentiated as soup plates. These plates consist of wider surface areas and shallow depths. These soup plates present the ingredients of the soup very beautifully and enhance the overall appearance of the food.

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When to use a soup plate

Since these soup plates have shallow depths and wider rims, they are mostly used to serve thick soup with chunky ingredients. The perfect depth of the soup plates makes it easy to eat the thick soup without splashing the ingredients. Furthermore, the wide rim of soup plates allows enough space for the garnishing and serving side dishes like crackers and garlic bread. Moreover, soup plates will enable the food to cool in less time, and people can enjoy their thick soup without waiting for a long time to cool it down.

Soup bowls

On the other hand, soup bowls are deep soup plates and are referred to as bowl-style plates to serve the soup. Soup bowls, thanks to their depth, can hold the soups with a more liquid consistency. The design of soup bowls is specifically made to allow the users to enjoy their soup with elegance and cause minimum spilling.

When to use soup bowls

Soup bowls are used to serve soups with a higher broth ratio and can hold the soup perfectly, thanks to their depth. People specifically used soup bowls in winter to serve soup as they kept the soup hot for a longer duration. Furthermore, in gatherings like Christmas and other family gatherings, serving soup in soup bowls assures a sense of abundance and enhances the overall vibes of your dinner table.

Features of a soup plate and a soup bowl

Features of a soup plate

  • Soup plates are the best option if you want to serve soups that are garnished with some extra ingredients like cheese, wurst, or fresh herbs. Soup plates have enough space to present these ingredients without overcrowding the soup.
  • You can easily access the food from all sides thanks to the spacious shape of soup plates. Furthermore, the design of soup plates facilitates quicker cooling of the food, making it comfortable to eat sooner.

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Features of a soup bowl

  • The tall walls of the soup bowl easily retain the heat and keep your soup hot down to the final or best bite. Smaller opening of the soup bowl also helps in maintaining the temperature for a long time by limiting the exposure making it the best serving option in winter. However, you need to be extra careful for eating your soup in order to avoid tongue burn.
  • In many cultures, serving soup in soup bowls is considered as a symbol of abundance as they have a lot of space to hold at least two portions. Soup bowls can serve broth base soups easily and make it easy even for the children to eat from it without spilling.
  • Due to the depth of soup bowls, they can hold almost 1-2 portions of food, making them an ideal choice for solo dining by reducing the urge to refill the soup bowl. The space efficiency of soup bowls is also considerable, as they are easily stackable and storable.

Choose between a soup plate and a soup bowl

Soup plates

It is ultimately up to the type of soup and dining ambiance to determine whether soup plates or soup bowls should be used. Soup plates with shallow bottoms are recommended for creating a social environment. Guests can enjoy an unhurried conversation while enjoying blended soups on these soup plates. Furthermore, these soup plates also prove very convenient for serving side dishes like garlic bread and allow you to experiment with the different garnishing ingredients. You can use soup plates to serve thick soups like seafood chowder that consist of a lot of chunky ingredients with amazing garnishing.

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Colorful garnishing is one of the most significant advantages of soup plates. The large surface area of soup plates allows the soup's smooth surface to shine through. With their large surface, these soup plates provide an excellent stage for culinary creativity, allowing the chef to experiment with flavors and textures unlimited in possibilities.

Soup bowls

Alternatively, if you want a more focused dining experience, you should use deep soup bowls with soups that are broth-based. These soup bowls provide the diners with a comforting and cozy feel while having their soup, and they can easily enjoy it while maintaining good conversation. Soup bowls have the generous depth to hold a significant portion of food without the fear of spilling or splashing. Whatever soup you prepare, a deep soup bowl ensures a deeply satisfying dining experience. Whether it is a warm meal or a heartening winter soup, soup bowls offer a deep level of satisfaction. You should use a soup bowl if you want to express the authentic flavor of soup.

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After carefully considering the choice between the soup plates and soup bowls you can easily enhance your dining experience and present your food in the best way possible. Furthermore, you can easily serve different types and consistencies of soup by choosing the shape of the plates accordingly. Choose between soup plates and soup bowls according to your requirements and create the magical dining moments that everybody adores.

Choosing based on the type of soup you're serving

As discussed earlier, the debate between the soup plate and soup bowl ultimately comes down to the type of soup you are considering serving. Different factors like consistency, texture, easy access, heat retention, and portioning play significant roles when choosing between soup plates and soup bowls.

Tomato soup

Tomato soup is rich and creamy in texture with a thick consistency and is often served on soup plates. This soup is paired with a classic grilled cheese sandwich and the shallow depth of the soup plate makes it very comfortable to dip your grilled cheese sandwich in tomato soup.

Clam chowder

Clam chowder is served on a soup plate, as this is a thick creamy stew containing small chunks of clam, potatoes, and onion. A soup plate makes it easy for the person to access all the ingredients without causing any spilling.

Beef soup

Beef soup or stew is often served in soup bowls. This soup is enriched with beef pieces and the vegetable of your choice. The soup bowl works perfectly to serve beef soup as it retains the heat of the soup making every bite delightful and hearty.


Borscht is a broth-based soup that is thick enough to be held in a spoon and consists of multiple ingredients, including meat stock, vegetables, and seasoning. Borscht is served in soup bowls as they keep it warm for a long time and maintain it as a comforting dish to devour, especially during winter.

Shrimp Bisque

Shrimp bisque is served in soup plates as this soup has a thick consistency and is made with a h rich blend of shrimp, seafood broth, and other ingredients.

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