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Get Inspired: Matching Your Stoneware Tableware to Your Home Decor

09 May 2024

  1. Tips On Choosing Your Dinnerware To Complement Your Home Décor
  2. Which Dinnerware Will Go Well With Different Décor And Occasions?
  3. Our Take

Whether it's the holiday season or spring festivities, the best part of these times of year is the opportunity to show off your beautiful dinnerware sets when hosting parties. However, just having modern or classic dinnerware sets is not enough to set the right mood for dinner.

The dining experience won't be wholesome if the dinnerware does not complement the surrounding space's ambiance. Therefore, choosing the right tableware for the right occasion that complements your home décor is also important.

Today, we have come up with some tips for you to match your tableware to home décor or dining area décor. These tips will enhance the dining table's aesthetics and give you and your family a unique dining experience.

So let's get into it.

Tips On Choosing Your Dinnerware To Complement Your Home Décor

Here are some tips and inspirations for you to choose the right type of dinnerware to complement your home décor.

Your Tableware Should Synchronize Well With Décor

First, the most important thing you must emphasize for a pleasant dining experience for your guests is well-synchronized dinnerware with the surrounding décor. From the type of dinner set your table should feature to the colors and shapes, everything matters a lot in choosing the accessories for the upcoming dinner you will be hosting.

You can select differently shaped dishes or dinnerware to some extent that will highlight your individuality. For instance, if your dining space is decorated in Art Nouveau Style, ceramic tableware with rustic touch will be a safe option to go with. Similarly, you can choose bright colors and patterns on dinnerware for a kitchen decorated in boho style. When it comes to synchronizing dinnerware with décor, it doesn't mean a picture-perfect setting, but a mix-and-match of everything.

Colors Play A Significant Role In Overall Experience

Most culinary experts and interior designers believe that colors are the most important aspect when trying to create harmony among your décor and dinnerware. Therefore, when choosing dinnerware to match the surrounding décor, treat the colors as the anchor of your choices.

Colors are important to match your décor and tableware, and focus on colors when choosing dinnerware accessories. For instance, if you have a beach-inspired dining area or kitchen, a coastal-theme ceramic dinnerware set with reds, blues, and whites will be a safe choice. The main thing is that you should put your main focus on the dominant hues in your home. Either choose contrasts of these hues or go for their complements for your dinnerware.

When it comes to contrasting colors of dinnerware accessories, do not overdo them, as it might hurt the overall setting of your dinner table. If you're not sure of which colour combinations to go for when mixing different dinnerware, using white is always a safe choice. Some other classic combinations are white with red, white with blue, red with gold, and yellow with gold.


Bella 16 Piece Stoneware Dinnerware Set


Choose Dinnerware According To The Size Of The Gathering And Dinner Table

If you have never thought like that before, it is right time you start selecting dinnerware according to the type of party, dinner table size, and gathering size. When aiming to create a unique ambiance for dinner, you won't like stacked dinnerware on the table with no space to move things around.

The crux is that your table settings should be warm & inviting for the guests. You must give enough breathing space to your dinnerware sets on the table. However, things shouldn't be in such a way that nothing seems to get along.

Another thing that matters here is that you will need to choose the dinnerware according to the size of the dinner table and the gathering you're going to host. For instance, if you're hosting a big gathering, you will need a dinner set with at least 12 place settings, and if the size is small, you can pick the dinner sets accordingly.

Modern Or Traditional: Let Your Home Décor And Occasion Decide It!

Lastly, choosing modern or traditional dinnerware depends on the type of occasion, time of the day, home décor, indoor or outdoor party, and much more. We have already talked a lot about the home décor. Therefore, let's focus on the occasion aspect of the dinnerware selection.

So, if you're hoping to set up your dinnerware for a casual holiday dinner, you can go with something of everyday use. If you're going to host a more formal event or party, classics, and modern dinnerware might go well according to the surrounding décor.


Bonbon 24 Piece Stoneware Dinnerware Set


Which Dinnerware Will Go Well With Different Décor And Occasions?

What type of dinnerware will go well with a certain occasion or décor is yet another question to be answered. Therefore, we have listed different types of dinnerware which fit each setting.


Ceramics are usually considered the safest option irrespective of your table setting, surrounding décor, or type of event. You can find beautiful dinnerware sets with vibrant colors and designs in ceramics. If your aim is to complement your boho-style ambiance, you can go with a colored dinnerware set, and if you want to have a classic dinnerware set for a formal occasion, white ceramics dinner set will do the job very well.

Metal Dinnerware

Metal dinnerware sets are usually considered durable due to their non-breakage guarantee. However, we recommend using metal dinnerware for your outdoor parties or picnic. These won't be a pleasant addition to more formal and fancy dinners. For picnics and outdoor dinners, low heat absorption of metal will help keep food warm for longer.

Glass Dinnerware Sets

Glass dinnerware sets are a very good choice when aiming to achieve a stylish and glamorous appearance on your dinner table. The sophisticated ambiance of the glass dinnerware with different patterns and tableware makes them a good choice for all types of gatherings and décor.

Vancasso's Dinner Set

When it comes to modern stoneware dinnerware sets, vancasso dinner sets are the most popular option for all types of décor settings and occasions. Vancasso dinnerware sets are chip-resistant stoneware as well as they are stylish looking with different patterns and designs. The popularity of vancasso dinnerware sets is also due to vibrant colors and unique shapes that are not common in other types of dinnerware.


Stern 16 Piece Stoneware Dinnerware Set


Our Take

We hope that the tips we have shared will help you choose the beautiful dinnerware sets according to your kitchen décor, dining table, and ambiance for specific occasions. However, we want to mention vancasso dinnerware sets, which can be found in different colors, patterns, shapes, and types of kitchen dishes and bowls. Therefore, you can have handy options for Vancasso stoneware dinner sets if you want a more vibrant dining table vibe.


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