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Japanese Style Dinnerware: Blending Traditional and Modern

15 Jun 2024


  1. The Essence of Traditional Japanese Porcelain Dinnerware
  2. Historical Background and Cultural Significance
  3. Key Characteristics
  4. Characteristics of Modern Japanese Porcelain Dinnerware
  5. Conclusion

The combination of traditional Japanese dinnerware with modern Japanese-style dinnerware has a unique and appealing charm that attracts both locals and foreigners. Each piece of modern Japanese-style dinnerware is crafted with meticulous attention to showcase the rich and exquisite beauty of Japanese culture."

The floral patterns, engravings, and other designs on the Japanese-style dinner ware are unique and beautiful, which emphasizes the aesthetic value of art in Japan. vancasso offers a wide range of sets of Japan-style dishes including different styles such as traditional motifs, contemporary designs, etc.

vancasso Asian Inspired Japanese Style Haruka 12 Piece Porcelain Dinnerware Set with Bowls

The Essence of Traditional Japanese Porcelain Dinnerware

Traditional Japanese dinnerware holds significant importance and represents the rich Japanese culture, beauty, and love for art.

Historical Background and Cultural Significance

Japanese tableware has more than just functional value due to its cultural heritage. Shippo yaki or Japanese table ware is believed to have originated during the Edo period in the 17th century when pottery making was a highly valued art in Japan due to cultural resurgence.

Key Characteristics

Simplicity and minimalism are some of the most important cultural aspects that characterize this type of dish.


Japanese dishes are made from earthenware which is clay-based material while Western dishes are made from porcelain which is a mixture of stone powder with clay. Earthenware retains warmth, making it favorable for those in Japan who prefer the comforting touch against the lips when eating directly from the bowl. So it must feel good when touched by any part of the human body, especially the mouth.

Porcelain dishes are generally preferred for Western cuisine since they do not scratch easily unlike metallic cutlery such as knives and forks. However, the combination of traditional and modern Japanese tableware provides both functions and is ideal for traditional and contemporary dinner gatherings.

Another cultural characteristic is the connection between Japanese Dinnerware and nature. Cherry blossoms, cranes, plum blossoms, bamboo, and other natural elements are prominent parts of Japanese dinnerware artwork. These designs represent their connection with nature most beautifully.

vancasso Natsuki Colorful Porcelain Dinner Plates Set Of 4 with Blossom Pattern

Specific Uses of Japanese Porcelain Dinnerware

Moreover, food culture also plays a significant role in the designs and shape of Japanese Dinnerware.

There are specific uses of Japanese porcelain dinnerware:

1. Rice Bowls (Chawanmushi): These bowls are used for serving rice as well as other purposes like serving soup, stews among others. On the other hand, chawanmushi is a small lidded bowl which is famous for steamed food including steamed eggs that are often eaten with rice.

2. Sushi Bowls: Sushi bowls are usually used to serve scattered sushi or poke bowls, and these sushi bowls make the ingredients look attractive and easy to serve and eat.

vancasso Japanese Style Porcelain Sushi Bowls 24oz Set of 6

3. Sushi Plates: Sushi plates are rectangular or square-shaped for serving sushi, nigari, sashimi, etc. These plates are usually smaller in size but they perfectly present the beauty of served sushi.

4. Teacups (Yunomi) and Teapots: Japanese people love serving and drinking tea. Japanese tea cups and teapots are slightly different than those in the Western world and usually come in sets.

5. Soy Sauce Dishes: These tiny and shallow dishes allow people to dip their food perfectly in the soya sauce.

6. Condiment Holders: Japanese people love eating different condiments with their food, often known as side dishes, including wasabi, pickled ginger, and other dipping sauces. These small bowls and plates are used to serve different side dishes and sauces.

Characteristics of Modern Japanese Porcelain Dinnerware

Innovative Materials and Technologies

Modern Japanese-style dinnerware is becoming famous as it is the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary Japanese culture and is the ideal addition to any dinner or gathering. vancasso presents its customers with Japanese dinnerware composed of modern materials and technologies. There are the following ways modern Japanese dinnerware is different and more efficient than traditional Japanese tableware:

  • Modern Japanese dinnerware is a more sustainable and eco-friendly option, as they are composed of porcelain, bone china, and other sustainable materials.
  • Furthermore, modern Japanese-style dinnerware offers more durability as they are glazed using modern glazing techniques and a high-tech kiln.

Sleeker, More Stylish, Minimalistic Designs

Modern Japanese dinnerware not only perfectly represents the traditional Japanese culture but also incorporates modern touch, elegance, and simplicity. These modern Japanese-style dinnerware present stylish and minimalist designs that easily complement various dining environments while maintaining a perfect mix of tradition with contemporary Japan.

Fusion of Western & Eastern Aesthetics

Japanese culture has died in many countries except Japan because of its beauty art aesthetics beautiful dinnerware. The beauty of Japanese culture, their unique way of serving food which is amazing has significantly inspired people. Modern Japanese Dinner ware plays an important role in combining eastern and western dinner ware esthetics and presenting the perfect blend of traditional and modern Japanese culture.

vancasso Natsuki Colorful Porcelain Salad Plates Set Of 4 with Blossom Pattern

This fusion consists of versatile pieces, including Japanese-style dishes, bowls, plates, and dinnerware that are suitable for a wide range of dinner settings. vancasso offers modern-style Japanese tableware that presents the perfect fusion of Western and Eastern esthetics and presents its customers with a wide variety to choose from.


Japanese dinnerware is considered not just some ordinary dinnerware set that enhances and embellishes your dinner parties and gatherings. In fact, Japanese-style dinnerware sets are an exquisite combination of beauty, art, and Japanese culture. vancasso presents the perfect blend of traditional and modern Japanese-style dinnerware sets in multiple styles and colors. Explore more about this exquisite and beautiful Japanese Dinnerware and find your perfect Japanese-style dishes/bowls/plates and much more to enhance your boring dinner parties by adding the sophisticated touch of culture and beauty. Allow modern Japanese dinnerware to elevate your dining experience, adding a touch of elegance and offering a window into the rich tapestry of Japanese culture with a contemporary twist.

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