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Stoneware Dinnerware: A Timeless Classic for Your Table

09 Jun 2023

Dinnerware has come a long way over the centuries, but one material that has stood the test of time is stoneware. Stoneware dinnerware has been a staple in kitchens and dining rooms around the world for centuries, thanks to its durability, versatility, and rustic charm. In this blog post, we'll explore the history of stoneware dinnerware, its benefits, and how to care for it, as well as some current design trends and recipe ideas.

History of Stoneware Dinnerware

Stoneware is a type of clay that is fired at a high temperature, making it non-porous and resistant to water absorption. This makes it an ideal material for dinnerware, as it is both strong and durable. The origins of stoneware date back to ancient China, where it was first produced during the Shang Dynasty (1600-1046 BC). The Chinese used stoneware for a variety of household items, including dinnerware, vases, and figurines.

Stoneware spread to other parts of the world over time, including Europe, where it became especially popular during the medieval period. In the 16th and 17th centuries, stoneware was used to produce large decorative vessels known as "Bartmann" jugs, which were used to transport beer. These jugs were often decorated with distinctive blue-and-gray salt glaze and decorative motifs such as coats of arms and figures.

During the 18th and 19th centuries, stoneware became more widely available and was used for a variety of everyday items, including dinnerware. In the United States, stoneware was commonly used for crocks, jugs, and other storage vessels, but it was also used for dinnerware. Early American stoneware was often decorated with cobalt blue designs, such as birds, flowers, and stars.

Benefits of Stoneware Dinnerware

Stoneware dinnerware has several benefits that make it an excellent choice for any home. First and foremost, stoneware is incredibly durable and long-lasting. It is resistant to scratches and chips, making it ideal for everyday use. Stoneware is also oven-safe, microwave-safe, and dishwasher-safe, making it a convenient option for busy families.

vancasso Navia 16 piece stoneware dinnerware set -  Beige

Another benefit of stoneware dinnerware is its heat retention properties. Stoneware can retain heat for longer periods than other materials, making it ideal for serving hot dishes such as soups, stews, and casseroles. This means that your food will stay warm for longer, even if you're serving a large group of people.

Stoneware is also a versatile material that can be used for both casual and formal occasions. It has a rustic charm that is perfect for outdoor gatherings or cozy family dinners, but it can also be dressed up for more formal occasions by pairing it with elegant linens and table settings.

How to Care for Stoneware Dinnerware

To ensure that your stoneware dinnerware lasts for years to come, it's important to take proper care of it. Here are some tips for caring for stoneware dinnerware:

Avoid extreme temperature changes: Stoneware can withstand high temperatures, but it is important to avoid sudden temperature changes, such as putting a hot dish into a cold refrigerator. This can cause the stoneware to crack or break.

Use gentle detergents: Harsh detergents and abrasive sponges can scratch the surface of stoneware. Instead, use a gentle detergent and a soft sponge or cloth to clean your dinnerware.

Hand wash when possible: While stoneware is dishwasher safe, hand washing is still the best way to ensure that your dinnerware stays in good condition. If you do use a dishwasher, place your stoneware dishes on the top rack to avoid direct exposure to the heating element.

vancasso Bella 16 piece stoneware dinnerware set - Green

Avoid stacking when storing: To prevent scratching and chipping, it's best to store your stoneware dinnerware separately. If you must stack your dishes, place a layer of felt or paper towel between each plate to protect the surface.

Check for cracks and chips: Regularly inspect your stoneware dinnerware for cracks and chips. If you notice any damage, stop using the dish and replace it to prevent it from breaking during use.

By following these simple care tips, you can ensure that your stoneware dinnerware stays in good condition for years to come.

In conclusion, stoneware dinnerware is a timeless classic that can add warmth and charm to any table setting. Its durability, versatility, and heat retention properties make it a practical choice for everyday use, while it’s rustic charm and elegant designs make it a great choice for special occasions.


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